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*Mail Call* June 29-July 10

I have talked in the past about entering Goodreads giveaways, and I enter a lot of them, and therefore win a fair number of books from them. Sometimes authors on Goodreads even offer me free print copies of their books in exchange for a review (this is pretty rare compared to offers of digital copies) and sometimes I even accept those offers (this has only happened three times so far because I understand these books cost the authors money, which doesn't stop me from entering the giveaways because I'm legit addicted to that.) I get so excited getting the packages in the mail because books. Really what more do I need to say about that.

I believe I have also talked in the past about how I really read from all genres. I prefer certain genres over others, but there are still times when I really just want to read a book from one of my least favorite genres too, which means that I win a wide variety of books on Goodreads, and I thought that posting about them weekly would be a great way to show you guys just how diverse my book taste really is. So without further ado, here's the first installment of Mail Call (which is two weeks worth of mail because I meant to start this last week but didn't have time to build a blog post last Friday.)

June 29 - July 3

Last week was a pretty good week for packages for me. Most days when my husband came home from work he clearly still loved me because he brought me books (because I pretend to base his level of affection on the number of books he brings home from the mail.)

Tearing Down Walls by Deanndra Hall 

This book came with the little swag pack pictured and includes a spatula, a measuring spoon, a pen, and a bookmark with charms attached. It's pretty neat.

You're a successful businessman. A molten-blooded Italian hunk. And the newest, hottest, most in-demand service Dom/top in a 500-mile radius, with dozens of women falling at your feet. So, which woman? How do you choose? 

That's easy - you pick the one who can't stand you. 

And that's exactly what Vic has done. He's tried desperately to get the wrong woman out of his heart, and it looks like he may have succeeded. And just when he thinks everything in his life is falling into place, Cupid plays a nasty joke on him and he falls for the one woman who doesn't want to be anywhere near him, Somehow it isn't already bad enough that he has a secret keeping him from having a loving, long-term relationship; to make matters worse, if he wants to have a chance with the ice princess, he has to keep her alive long enough to tear down the walls she's built around herself. 

Laura is as prickly as they get, but there's a reason. Her clothes hide a secret that she's sure would make any man run, and that secret is about to get her killed. The trauma she endured during her service to her country left her unable to feel any emotion or trust anyone, and the idea of ever letting a man touch her is out the window. When she returned home from Bosnia, her family shunned her and her harsh personality, so she's dealt with her demons alone and on her own for too long. But Laura didn't expect to meet a man who would promise to keep her safe and would die to keep that promise. That makes him a man worth trusting. And when her past wants to kill her to keep her quiet, can she open up to him before it's too late? 

The second full-length novel in the Love Under Construction series, Tearing Down Walls is a fun, erotic, romantic, and suspenseful romp that takes you back into the world of the Walters family of Louisville, Kentucky. It features many characters over the age of 40 and contains too many steamy, hedonistic sex scenes to be suitable for anyone under 18 years of age. Step into the Walters' world and have some fun!

The Age of Amy: Behind the Fun Zone by Bruce Edwards

Are you a JIMMIEHEAD, or are you still using one of those old-fashioned smartphones? 

A Jimmie is a tiny microchip, that when painlessly implanted into your brain, magically transforms your eyes and ears into the ultimate hands-free device. No more fumbling with fragile phones, loose earbuds, or clumsy controllers. Watch movies without looking at a screen. Shoot video through your eyes. Text with your brain waves. It tracks your location, monitors your health, and even comforts you when you’re lonely. Plus, it drives your car! 

Every teenager wants a Jimmie, except 16-year-old Amy, who detests technology in any form. She is particularly disgusted by how easily people are manipulated into wanting one. 

Like smartphones, Jimmies spy on your cyber activities, but being hard-wired to your brain, the device can also access your personality. It intercepts your innermost thoughts and eavesdrops on your deepest feelings. What users fail to consider is that the wireless device doesn't only transmit, but receives—allowing it to control everything its host sees, hears, and feels. Regardless, the hi-tech gizmo becomes a worldwide sensation. 

But when thousands of teenage Jimmieheads mysteriously vanish, foul play is suspected by the billion-dollar corporation that manufactures the device. Immune to Jimmie's influence, Amy embarks on a quest to find the missing teens. Her search ultimately reveals a connection between the bizarre disappearances and the Fun Zone—a spooky, old amusement park that's been dark for 50 years.

Justice Shall be Served: An Anthology

The political and public image of what law enforcement and our military is and does in the United States is under continual scrutiny. It will likely always be this way. Certain recent events such as what occurred in New York, Ferguson, Florida, and Arizona, have ignited passionate and heated discussions, violent protesting, and in some cases, rioting and the loss of life. When the President of the United States forms a committee to provide insight as to what needs to be changed within law enforcement, everyone, including cops, should to take notice. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the people who distrust the police, are irritated by police, and sadly, hunt and kill police, have no idea what the job entails. We can't afford to hand out badges and a gun, pat you on the back, and send you on your way...those things are earned, just as respect should be. In this collection of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, the reader will read first-hand accounts of what we do and why we do it. The stories are candid and are meant to promote thought. Just as I have no idea what it takes to be a school teacher, trucker, or computer programmer, most of you reading this currently have no idea what it means to work in law enforcement. That's to be expected. However, keep an open mind and read the stories. They provide a glimpse into the profession you might not ever thought possible. Change is certainly needed, but not just by law enforcement, but from all of us. You should know we love our profession and the people we serve. The majority of men and women serving our communities are caring and strive to do right each and every shift and deployment. We care about life and swear to protect and serve our communities. Bold writing requires bold readers. This body of work will not be easy to read at times, but, should you have the courage to forge on, allow the words to be digested, you may find an inner peace. After all, we bleed red just like you.

Sojourn in Calidia by Niama Leslie Williams, Ph.D.

She's on the run and she doesn't quite know who is pursuing. Is it the man with the unrecognizable face? The boy with the eyes that terrify? The man dressed as a campesino who doubles as The Interrogator's assistant? Who IS pursuing Cassie Daniels and what is her real mission in Calido? Sojourn in Calidia takes us through urban landscape, steamy jungle and a variety of human consciousnesses--some of which we hope never to see again--as we tease out this young Black woman's journey in a land not of her birth but definitely of her spirit.
Gluten-Free & Vegan for the Whole Family by Jennifer Katzinger

With food allergies and sensitivities continuing to rise, particularly among children, and more people embracing the health benefits of a plant-based diet, these delicious and nutritious recipes are egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and mostly soy-free, and will satisfy even the pickiest eater at the table. Arranged by meals (including snacks), these 90 kid-friendly recipes will make planning easy, and simplify cooking gluten-free and vegan food for the entire family. Nutritionist Raven Bonnar-Pizzorno writes the foreword, giving the recipes her stamp of approval for both kids and adults.
Jezebel by Bob Larson

Experience the Victory, Peace, and Freedom that You Have Been Looking For!  
Jezebel is mentioned 22 times throughout the Bible. More than a sinister queen in the Old Testament, Jezebel is a manipulative, controlling and evil spirit that is on assignment to attack and destroy every Christian. 

Bob Larson is no stranger to this spirit world. As an internationally recognized exorcist, Larson has confronted Jezebel more than any other evil spirit in exorcism. Jezebel has been responsible for everything from pride, manipulation, and lust to sexual addiction, pornography, and the destruction of families.

Get ready to fight back and…

Recognize when the Jezebel spirit is at work so you can deal with it the right way
Avoid the traps that Jezebel sets to destroy your relationships, family and marriage
Discover the ten ways to conquer and break the Jezebel spirit in your life

Get equipped with the blueprint, strategies, and weapons to overcome all of Jezebel’s attacks and engage in victorious spiritual warfare against your enemy!

The Sword and Its Servant by Victor Salinas

​Einsa finds herself without memory of her past and her origin, held prisoner by the Löwa, a species of warped monsters bent on using the Children of Mann for their horrendous genetic experiments. She and her companions are merely lab rats waiting to be plucked by their captors—until they decide to make their escape. 

Einsa’s only hope for survival in the fallen world that awaits her rests with Klinde, an ancient and infamous warrior who is just as cunning and bloodthirsty as the enemy.

The Sword and Its Servant is the first installment of the multi-part Young Adult fantasy saga that takes you on a dark, fast-paced journey through the Grauwelt. It is a world filled with depravity, cruelty, mystery, and more than its fair share of insanity. Experience in vivid detail its strange inhabitants, horrendous creatures, wondrous locales, and deep lore through the eyes of a girl trapped between two evils. ​

This first book features a fully-fledged glossary called the Graulore™, containing over eighty entries pertaining to the world of Grauwelt, giving you insider details on key characters, places, events, creatures, and technology!

Fear Itself by Duffy Prendergast

Children will be the death of you, Especially if they spike your wine with antifreeze. That is what Mathew Derrick suspects his precious young Sarah did to her mother so that she could have daddy all to herself. But the police think that he killed his wife after discovering that his daughter was the product of an extra-marital affair. Rather than face the wrath of the law he takes little Sarah and runs. Although he manages to elude the law, he can't escape Sarah's unquenchable wrath for the women in his life. Could this adorable and seemingly innocent child really be a murderess? And if not, who is killing the loves of his life, and why? 
Anyone? by Angela Scott

Young Adult, Apocalyptic, Survival, Horror

The end of the world? That’s the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and deep philosophical exercises in school. No need to sweat it. So when sixteen-year-old Tess’s doomsday-dad builds a bomb shelter in their suburban backyard, everyone thinks he’s gone crazy….

…Until fire rains down from the sky, sinking whole cities into colossal craters and setting much of the world ablaze.

Tess’s dad gives her a few short minutes to gather her emergency bag and her freaked-out kitten, then leads her outside and into the underground shelter. Terrified, the last thing she expects is for him to leave her there all alone, but he has no choice—he must find her missing brother.

Before leaving, he makes Tess promise to keep the hatch door shut, not to open it for anyone but him, and to stay put until he returns.

But he forgot to tell her one thing: What is she supposed to do if he never comes back?

Silent Creed by Alex Kava

Hot on the heels of Breaking Creed comes the next action-packed series featuring Ryder Creed, ex-marine turned K9 rescue dog trainer from New York Times– and internationally bestselling author Alex Kava.

Most of them were asleep in their beds when the ground gave way. . . .

When Ryder Creed responds to a devastating mudslide in North Carolina, he knows the difference between finding survivors and the dead—is time. Heedless of the dangers, Creed and his best search-and-rescue dog Bolo frantically wade through the chaos of twisted tree limbs, crumbled cement, and unrecognizable debris, when a second slide catches up with Ryder. And he is buried alive.

Bolo makes it out, though, and leads the heroic rescue of his master. What they get when they pull Ryder out from the mud is much more than they bargained for. The secrets in the mud around Creed run deep, pointing to a possible serial killer and unexpectedly dredging up painful, hushed-up pieces of Creed’s own past.

The mysteries unearthed will bring Ryder Creed face-to-face with his past loyalties, deeply embedded survivor’s guilt, and a powerful figure from his past. He’ll have to rely on his dogs if he wants to make it through alive.  

July 6 - July 10

 This week wasn't quite as good for packages as last week, but it wasn't a completely dry week either, so it's still a win I think.

Clay Water Brick by Jessica Jackley

In the tradition of Kabul Beauty School and Start Something That Matters comes an inspiring story of social entrepreneurship from the co-founder of Kiva, the first online microlending platform for the working poor. Featuring lessons learned from successful businesses in the world’s poorest countries, Jessica Jackley’s Clay Water Brick will motivate readers to more deeply appreciate the incredible entrepreneurial potential that exists in every human being on this planet—especially themselves.

“The heart of entrepreneurship is never about what we have. It’s about what we do.”

Meet Patrick, who had next to nothing and started a thriving business using just the ground beneath his feet . . .

Blessing, who built her shop right in the middle of the road, refusing to take the chance that her customers might pass her by . . . 

Constance, who cornered the banana market in her African village with her big personality and sense of mission.

Patrick, Blessing, Constance, and many others are among the poorest of the world’s poor. And yet they each had crucial lessons to teach Jessica Jackley—lessons about resilience, creativity, perseverance, and, above all, entrepreneurship.

For as long as she could remember, Jackley, the co-founder of the revolutionary microlending site Kiva, had a singular and urgent ambition: to help alleviate global poverty. While in her twenties, she set off for Africa to finally meet the people she had long dreamed of helping. The insights of those she met changed her understanding. Today she believes that many of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world are not focused on high-tech ventures or making a lot of money; instead, they wake up every day and build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities, regardless of the things they lack or the obstacles they encounter. As Jackley puts it, “The greatest entrepreneurs succeed not because of what they possess but because of what they are determined to do.”

In Clay Water Brick, Jackley challenges readers to embrace entrepreneurship as a powerful force for change in the world. She shares her own story of founding Kiva with little more than a laptop and a dream, and the stories and the lessons she has learned from those across the globe who are doing the most with the least.

Intimacy Idiot by Isaac Oliver

This big-hearted, laugh-until-you-can’t-breathe collection of personal essays, stories, and riffs on finding love and intimacy in New York City announces the arrival of a “a monstrous new talent” (New York magazine) in the vein of David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, and Tina Fey.

In this uproariously funny debut collection, award-winning writer and performer Isaac Oliver serves up a comedic cornucopia of sketches, vignettes, lists, and diaries from his life as a young, fanciful, and extremely single gay man in New York City. Whether he’s hooking up with a man who dresses as a dolphin, suffering on airplanes and buses next to people with Food From Home, or hovering around an impenetrable circle of attractive people at a cocktail party, Oliver captures the messy, moving, and absurd moments of urban life as we live it today.

Since moving to New York a decade ago, Oliver has pined for countless strangers on the subway, slept with half the people in his Washington Heights neighborhood, and observed the best and worst of humanity from behind the glass of a Times Square theater box office. He also rode the subway during Breastfeeding Awareness Week and lived to tell the tale. Culled from years of heartbreak, hook-ups, and more awkwardness than a virgin at prom and a whore in church (and he should know because he’s been both), Intimacy Idiot chronicles Oliver’s encounters with love, infatuation, resilience, and self-acceptance that echo our universal desire for intimacy of all kinds.

Nightfall by Lee Driver

In FULL MOON-BLOODY MOON (Book 2) Chase Dagger and his cohorts confronted the curse of the Addison family. Paul Addison had been an unassuming character, quiet and subdued, but with one lethal flaw—he had been born on a Friday the 13th during a full moon. All of the men in the Addison family born during an identical occurrence inherited the same curse, transforming them into bloodthirsty predators. But Paul Addison had a fiery end to his life.

If that’s the case, then who has been on a killing spree for the past seven months? Killings which become increasingly more brutal around a full moon? Injuries so merciless that it couldn’t possibly have been made by anything human? How much more can the killings escalate as it approaches a full moon AND a Friday the 13th?

As though Dagger didn’t have enough to worry about with his former employer on his trail, he now has to protect the woman he loves because every victim of the current serial killer is a woman.

And each is named Sara.

NIGHTFALL is the 7th book in the Chase Dagger series.

Soul Journaling - Lessons from the Past by Karen Valiquette

Karen's life was changing and she seemed helpless to stop it. Her husband of almost 30 years, her soul-mate, was responding to the manipulations of a younger woman. She was afraid that if she made him make a choice, she might not win. But that was not the case. Their love prevailed and the very event that should have surely shaken their marriage ended up giving them an incredible gift. 

The answers they sought to heal themselves came from an unlikely place - a past life that they were 
together in. 

Karen shares her journey to a life in the 1500s in France that seems to hold the answers to so many questions. Questions they didn't even know to ask. 

The story of the past life itself is riveting, but it's only part of the message. After reading, you will surely begin to look at your own life in a different way. Remember, we are all connected.

Saint's Vigil by Bryan Phoenix

Killed in a violent robbery, rescued and revived, a music teacher feels her loss is too much to bear. Panicked and broken, Saundra hides in Saint Michael's cathedral while law enforcement pursues the murderers. As darkness overwhelms her, she can only pray to the distant lights of heaven. Has she been cast into hell? In their terrible conflict, will the warring angels save her or destroy her?

Called to the scene, Deputy Sheriff Hugh Miller entangles his team in a tactical nightmare, and his friends are killed and injured there. He saves Saundra from certain death by positioning himself between her and the assailants, but his use of force earns him a suspension. Inexplicably, the criminals escape. With the threat of more murders, Hugh joins the investigation in secret, obsessed with stopping the killers. His efforts place him in a deadly game poised to lose all he values and loves.

Tracking seemingly supernatural events spiraling out of control, Hugh must find a way to bring them into his hand.

Pachacuti: World Overturned by Lori Eshleman

Three centuries after Columbus, uprisings in South America still held out the hope of a Pachacuti, or world-turning, which would reverse the fortunes of the Spanish and the Indians. One such revolt in the eighteenth-century Kingdom of Quito entwines the lives of three people in a story of desire and unextinguished hope that mirrors the complex relations between conquerors and the conquered. For Santiago Huamán the revolt sparks a quest to become a medicine man; for young Ana Alfaro it brings exile and an illicit love affair; and for the Jesuit inquisitor Gregorio Moncada, it precipitates spiritual doubt. From the baroque city of Quito to a remote hacienda in South America’s largest crater, Pachacuti: World Overturned captures the grandeur and decay of the Spanish Empire on the eve of disintegration.

And that wraps up this weeks edition of Mail Call. I'm most looking forward to reading Fear Itself and Intimacy Idiot. Do any of these books sound good to you? - Katie  

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