Thursday, December 4, 2014

30 Days of Christmas - Day 3 - Naughty Elf: Episode 1 by Tiger Lily

I decided to jump from a G rating to NC-17 for today's Christmas book. There really is no rhyme or reason to how I'm making these choices, the choices are sort of like playing eenie meenie miney mo, fun right?

Genre: Erotica
Published: December 17, 2013
Age: 18+

I'm going to start by saying that I really don't like serials although I can see their appeal especially for indie authors. After reading this, I am actually considering buying the box set (after the holidays though because my book budget in December is non-existent) because I really kind of want to know what happens in the end. This book definitely peaked my interest. I got this book for free and now I have the $2.99 box set on my wish list. I'd say this freebie did it's job, wouldn't you? 

Before I get into the story, I want to talk about the covers for the series. They all use this exact same photo, but with a different color for her clothes. It's simple, but it works. It easily differentiates the books, and I think it looks kind of cool. 

Anyway, so basically we find out that life at the North Pole is pretty much all work and no play for the elves (at least close to Christmas time). Most of the elves live in large dormitories, sharing a room with 19 other elves, and a bathroom with 99, unless they are in a position of authority, which affords them perks like fewer roommates and more private bathrooms. Seems like a pretty solid reason to strive for advancement, and maybe even to try to sleep your way up if you are a female elf. (That last part is just speculation).  Add to that an ultra-conservative patriarchal view on appropriate sexual relations, there's a handbook and everything, and life at the North Pole seems downright boring, especially for a female elf like Ginger. But no self-respecting elf wants to end up on the naughty list, and Ginger is definitely a self-respecting elf, until Jack Frost and Jack Daniels (the whiskey) come along. 

This story definitely has an interesting premise. The brief descriptions of life at the North Pole provided a decent picture of the housing and working conditions. I would have liked more (and maybe it's provided in later installments) but it's a bit unrealistic to expect much more in a story this size (I think. Again, I don't really like serials so I don't read a lot of them, but I needed free and strove for variety, so I'm working with what I got.)

The characterization of Ginger, Jack, and Fergus (Ginger's fiancee) paint a pretty clear picture of each character's flaws and limitations. Ginger's childlike naiveté was maddening for a liberated woman such as myself, but I suppose with that naughty list to worry about, there isn't a whole lot of teenage experimenting going on at the North Pole. Fergus' staid adherence to all the rules, including sticking to the only sexual position deemed acceptable by the handbook, shows that he is just a real bore. But he's a supervisor and directly responsible for whether or not Ginger gets a promotion. I might sleep with him too under the circumstances. And you can't help but be drawn to Jack with his mischievous taunting and apparent knowledge of all things naughty. I also imagine that his cock would be a bit chilly, which just adds a little extra kink factor to the sex.

Speaking of the sex, in this short serial we get two hot scenes, and one short boring one (guess who that one was with). I felt these scenes were fairly well done. They were mildly arousing (mind you I was reading this book while my children were awake and running around the house, which kind of puts a damper on the libido). They were descriptive without being overly vulgar. And they pretty much perfectly set Ginger up for future sexual frustration if she continues on her current path towards marriage to Fergus. I would personally risk the naughty list to have another taste of Jack's delicious frosting.

The book has holiday themed euphemisms liberally sprinkled throughout the story, adding a little festive charm. I will certainly never look at a frosted sugar cookie the same way ever again. My one complaint about the story, like many stories, is that there were too many spelling and grammar errors. In fact, there was one word that the author got wrong every single time it was used, so I don't know if it was an unfortunate find and replace accident, or if she just doesn't know any better, but boy did it annoy me. 

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, because it really did peak my interest, and was fairly entertaining. If you're looking for a little holiday kink, I would definitely recommend this to you. - Katie

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