Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review of CHOICES by Jude Mckinnon

Choices is a short novella. I was worried that because the book was so short, that the story would lack depth and that the characters wouldn't be well developed. Luckily I was wrong. The story was full of emotions, friendship, love and family.
Scarlett is a very intelligent young girl who is trying to work her way through life and figure out relationships. She is coping with abuse also, which I found really hard to read about and very emotional. (Although this book is aimed at young adults, I would suggest because of the abuse the people reading this should be 16 years or older)
Michael is a very lovely boy. You can feel his love for Scarlett through the pages. He treats her really well and their relationship is very sweet.
This was a very nice story. You can really relate to a lot of the book, especially with Scarlett just trying to find a way to fit into the world. Reading Scarlett going through all her struggles really brought back memories of my school days and my "true love."
Jude McKinnon did a very great job at drawing you in to the book and making your own past memories come up. Reading this hook felt like a trip down memory lane.
A good short read, but wish it was longer.

Reviewed by Kim Howlett.  4 stars buy link

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