Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review of "Beautifully Chaotic" by Nicole Tetterton

"A story of hurt, loss, and the way that the mind copes with problems... Chell figures that the reason why she keeps losing time is because of her constant drinking and drug use since her parents died and since she suddenly broke up with her boyfriend, Grayson. That is until a gorgeous man shows up at her door with her cell phone in hand. How could she not remember leaving it at his house? How could she forget someone who looks like him? When Miles starts defending her against Grayson, knowing more about her and her life than she can even remember she's not sure what exactly is going on and how her and Miles have become so close. How can she forget someone who she seems to spend so much time with?"

I was privileged to get the chance to BETA read this book, and I'm already dying for the next part of the story. That also means that the book I read, and the book you're going to read are not quite the same, although I really hope she didn't change too much.

This story felt so much more real than books like "50 Shades of Grey" where a wealthy millionaire comes in and rescues you from your boring life. This story felt like something that could actually happen to the average person, which makes dreaming about it that much more enjoyable for me, well at least the happy parts of the book. 

Chell, short for Michelle, starts the book with major problems. After her parents died, soon after graduation, she turns to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain, and starts losing time, but who hasn't had a few nights that they just can't remember after doing a couple too many tequila shots? And honestly, can you blame the girl for drinking a little to dull the pain? I can't imagine how I would cope if my parents were to die at the same time, and I'm almost 30 and married, theoretically I already have my life together. I was elated that the author actually pulled one over on me with this book. The explanation that I thought seemed like the most reasonable and the obvious answer, isn't. 

Because the book I read was a BETA, I am not giving it a ranking out of five stars, but I will say that you should go buy this book. The story was woven together quite well, and I sincerely look forward to the continuation of Chell's story. - Katie

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