Sunday, April 9, 2023

*Review* When Summer Comes by Aimee M. Bissonette


Genre: Children's 4-8 years
Published: April 25, 2023
Pages: 32

Poetic children’s book celebrating nature and wildlife in the summer season.

Summer is the perfect season for families to embrace the outdoors.  
When Summer Comes celebrates playing and exploring in the wilderness during the summer months.

When summer comes,
and the sky soars blue above us,
and the days stretch long and warm before us,
some people head to ball games and outdoor markets.

Instead we gather our gear.

Hiking poles.
Butterfly nets.
Shovels and buckets for trips to the shore.

Summer’s the season when we explore.

This follow up to 
When Winter Comes is about the joy of being outdoors and discovering wildlife during the summer months.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This book didn't rhyme, but it felt like it should have. And I felt that way before seeing it described as poetic. I realize poetry doesn't have to rhyme, but there really was something about this story that made me feel like it should. 

Ignoring the lack of rhymes, it was a fun story detailing all the fun things you can do in nature in the summer time. This family either took a nice long vacation across the country, or they live in like California where you can absolutely hit the ocean, mountains, and forest in fairly short order. Most of the country doesn't have the ocean as a readily available option for summer fun (and I'm jealous!)

The illustrations were colorful and engaging, drawing you into the story with clear lines and solid shading. I'd be fine reading this story a few times before I'd start to get sick of it, probably, although that rhyming thing may change that. Overall I give this book 3.68 out of 5 stars. - Katie  

AIMÉE M. BISSONETTE is the author of three picture books, North Woods GirlMiss Colfax's Light, and Aim for the Skies: Jerrie Mock and Joan Merriam Smith's Race to Complete Amelia Earhart's QuestNorth Woods Girl won the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award, Midwest Booksellers Choice Award, and Friends of American Writers Award. Miss Colfax's Light was named in ALA's 2017 Amelia Bloomer List and was a recipient of the 2017 International Literacy Association Children's Book Award for Primary Nonfiction.

ERIN HOURIGAN is an illustrator and author in Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Southern California, and studied illustration at Cal State Fullerton before moving to Oregon, where she learned to trade the waves for pine trees and rivers. She draws much of her inspiration from the world around her and loves spending time outdoors, whether it's on a hike or just playing with her dog, Scout.

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