Sunday, March 26, 2023

*Review* Herman Jiggle Just Be You by Julia Cook


Genre: Children's 4-7
Published: February 13, 2023
Pages: 31

How far will Herman Jiggle go to try and fit in?

Herman really wants to be like everyone else. But from his head to his heels, he thinks he stands out for all the wrong reasons.

  • His hair is wild and spikey, like a porcupine.

  • His shoes are clunky, not trendy. They may be great for climbing, but they’re awful for racing and look nothing like the speedy, super-stylish sneakers worn by his classmates.

  • He’s even bummed about his teeth – they don’t wiggle! If he never loses a tooth, how will he get a hole like everyone else or get money from the Tooth Fairy?

Herman is determined to do whatever must be done to fit in, not stand out.
If that means cementing his hair down with glue, he’ll do it.
If that means giving up his favorite climbing shoes, he’ll do it.
He will even take out a tooth the hard way if it leaves him with a hole like the ones his friends have.

What silly sacrifice or strange stunt will Hermie do next on his quest to fit in? Or can his caring mom convince him to stop trying to change himself and learn to love everything that makes him unique?

Herman Jiggle, Just Be YOU! is a heartwarming tale about overcoming insecurities and anxieties while discovering the importance of accepting and loving yourself. A special page written specifically for parents and educators offers insightful and practical tips on helping children celebrate and love all the things that make them unique.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This is a story about a kid who just wants to be like everyone else in his class at school, because being different is hard. And all the other kids have flat hair, nitro-flyer shoes, and missing teeth. His mom does her best to convince him that his differences make him Herman and special. Then when he gets to school the other kids want to be more like him, some of them coming to school with their hair spiky and wanting to climb trees instead of run fast at recess. 

The illustrations were colorful and bright with crisp lines, perfectly showing the action of the story without a ton of extraneous background activity. Overall I give this book 3.47 out of 5 stars. - Katie 

Julia Cook is an award-winning author and highly sought-after speaker. A former teacher and school counselor, her captivating storybooks help young readers learn to use social skills and develop healthy relationships. She has received the Association for Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, and her books have been honored by The National Parenting Center and Mom’s Choice Awards. She is the author of multiple storybook series, including The Leader I’ll Be!, Building Relationships, Communicate with Confidence, BEST Me I Can Be!, and Responsible Me!

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