Saturday, March 4, 2017

Seriously Misunderstood Creatures and Where to Find Them

My husband and I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the other day. It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. I would probably recommend it to Harry Potter fans (but I probably wouldn't need to). However, I think they've missed a huge opportunity here.

You see, I always that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them should be a Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter type show starring Hagrid, and I still want that. I have even mostly figured out how we can get it. It should be filmed as a Netflix or Amazon original series. Hear me out.

Credit: Pottermore
It's 2017 and the wizarding world is finally starting to enter the 21st century where technology is concerned. Hagrid has settled into his role as a professor at Hogwarts, teaching Care of Magical Creatures. Most of the students love him, even the Slytherins have mellowed out since the defeat of Lord Voldemort (there's a rumor that Draco Malfoy has had a great influence on the behavior of his old house members.) Beyond that, technology has finally come to Hogwarts. The parents of muggleborn students just could not come to terms with having to wait for an owl to arrive with word from their children when email and instant messenger are a thing. They petitioned the headmaster to get a server at Hogwarts so that their children could get online in their free time, and although it took a while, they finally figured out how to make it work while still protecting the wizarding world from discovery. Students are now allowed to bring their smart phones and tablets to Hogwarts. There are protections in place to prevent students from posting sensitive information outside of, but students can access sites like YouTube.

One day after his Care of Magical Creatures class, a first year muggleborn student shows Hagrid a video clip of Steve Irwin on YouTube. While a crocodile is no Norwegian Ridgeback, it's still a seriously misunderstood creature, and Hagrid sees a kindred soul in Irwin. So Hagrid gets himself one of those smart phone thingies, let's face it, he's old enough that he would clearly be just as baffled by an iPhone as your grandpa, and watches more clips of Irwin's show. Then he gets an idea.

He is going to try to finish what Newt Scamander started with his book. During the summer holidays he will take his phone and record himself interacting with the most misunderstood creatures of the wizarding world that he can find and post them on for other witches and wizards to watch. Now Hagrid doesn't understand video editing, so he posts the full unedited videos, which contributes to their popularity. You see, figuring out the trick to handling his favorite crazy creatures can take a little trial and error, and we get to see all the trials take place, providing some laughs along the way (almost like Tim Taylor on Tool Time.)

And since the filming would be done on a phone, the video quality could be almost Blair-Witch-Project-esq. It doesn't have to be high-budget video quality at the very least. And obviously there could be cameos from the big stars from the Harry Potter World, but there wouldn't have to be.

I just really want this to happen. Who's with me? - Katie


  1. I would watch the hell out of this.
    I can see there being promo clips on YouTube.
    I wants it.

  2. Great post- there's always a struggle about watching a movie that's based on a book. They just can't bring it all to the screen. Your post brings a bit of humor to the table about this movie.

  3. Mega love the idea xD Super according to you;)