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*Review* #BeatTheBacklist - The Initiation by Jena Cryer

Genre: Erotica
Published: August 3, 2014
Pages: 51


Julia Dorne just wants to extend her visa. With her classes ending and her return to the US seemingly imminent, she swears she'll do anything to remain in the country she's come to love. 

And nothing would please the lord of Farthington Hall more. 

Lord James Ashe is handsome, rich, and powerful, but more than that, he's Julia's only hope for remaining in England. When he gives her the option of entering his service, she signs up for a week-long trial contract to work in his dairy, but little does she know he doesn't want her to milk his cows. 

He wants her to become one. 

MILKED BY ROYALTY PART ONE: THE INITIATION is an 8,500 word erotic tale featuring sometimes-reluctant human cows, rapid breast expansion, and lots and lots of milking.This is a work of fiction meant for an adult audience. The author does not condone or endorse any of the behaviors carried out by its characters. 

For longer works featuring human cow and other pet play themes, consider reading the author's other works including the 53,000 word BDSM erotic novel, HIS BLACK PEARL, and MILKED INTO THRALL, a 25,000 word erotica containing elements of bondage, lactation, human cow training, and tons of milking.


This is fetish erotica and because it's a bit more realistic than "dino porn," reading it felt a little bit weirder in a way for me. It's still definitely fantasy because the whole story hinges on the idea that there is a drug that can be given to women to turn them into human cows. It makes their boobs huge, starts lactation, makes them super horny, and can lead to them only being able to say "moo" in some stories. So clearly not entirely realistic, but still significantly more likely to happen than sex with a dinosaur.

And even though reading this felt a little strange to me, I can get the appeal. The story was definitely titillating and did what it was supposed to do for me. That may have added to the feelings of weirdness though.

My biggest issue with the book is that it's really just one chapter, though. It's a chapter designed to get you interested in the story (or the kink) so that you'll shell out $2.99 for each subsequent chapter. Yes, I knew that going in, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. It's also a strategy that doesn't work on me. The erotic bits may have been titillating, but the story was not compelling enough to make me care about continuing down this path, at least not at the cost of $2.99 per chapter. I might be willing to spend $2.99 for the rest of the story, but I can't even guarantee that. Especially since there's no shortage of free erotica out there.

There were also a significant amount of spelling and grammar errors, but I've come to expect that from books of this nature.

Overall I give The Initiation 3.5 out of 5 stars because it was titillating but didn't compel me to continue reading. - Katie 

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About the Author

JENA CRYER is a true Southern girl who loves grits, cornbread, and lots and lots of leather. Originally from Mississippi, she and her husband now live in Texas. HIS BLACK PEARL is her debut novel. When not writing, Jena enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband.

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