Sunday, June 21, 2015

*Beyond the Books* Maybe I'm Crazy

There is no maybe about it, I'm definitely crazy. It's genetic. I get it from my mother. We don't call her Nana Cuckoo for nothing (and we really do call her Nana Cuckoo.) Before you get upset with me, or think that I'm mean for teaching my children to call her Nana Cuckoo, you should know that when my nephew and my son (who were born 2 1/2 months apart) were little, she had the bright idea that my sister and I should make a concerted effort to teach the boys their colors wrong (like blue would be orange, and orange would be green, etc.) My mother had a special education teaching degree when I was little, and she thought we should teach our boys the wrong names for colors. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is. And I am basically my mother's clone.

So what is it about me that makes me maybe (definitely) crazy? Well first there's the fact that I don't like doing things I've never done before. I basically have to have someone holding my hand and forcing me to do new things. We've lived in Germany for over four years, and I set foot in our mailroom for the first time last Thursday (I never set foot in the mailroom at the other two duty stations we've been stationed at here in those four years). Now that I've checked the mail once though, I'm fine doing it regularly (although not too often because frankly it's easier for my husband to go check it before heading home from work than it is for me to get myself and our two children in and out of the car twice just to check the mail. The fact that 99% of the mail we receive is for me is irrelevant.)

That meme about no woman every arguing with her husband when he's doing the dishes is absolutely not true in my house. I won't let my husband wash the dishes, because he loads the dishwasher all wrong. In spite of this, I still complain about having to wash the dishes, because I don't really like washing the dishes. But I would rather wash them myself than have my husband load the dishwasher all wrong. It took him almost 8 years of marriage to give up trying though, and I'm pretty sure he should get major points for that, he doesn't, but he should.

I don't like to eat in a room without the overhead lights on, which means candlelit dinners are completely out of the question (not that my husband is that kind of romantic to begin with.) The only exception to this rule is popcorn, because popcorn should always be eaten in a darkened room. This means that if my husband and I are watching a movie after the kids go to bed at night, and I decide I need a snack, I'm turning the lights on, and my husband just has to suffer the slight glare on the television. I'm not even ashamed of this.

I'm sure there are many more ways that I'm crazy, and maybe I'll ask my husband what they are later (because the three I've given so far all affect my husband the most) and see if he is brave enough to answer me. I'm betting he won't though, and it'll probably be because of one of the ways I'm crazy. - Katie

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