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*Review* Anal Space Slaves From the Void by Virginia de Sade

Genre: Science Fiction Erotica
Published: March 15, 2015
Pages: 40
Ages: 18+


This is the tale of Anal Space Slaves from the Void, where one finds space sex slave-girls, intergalactic buggery, and humanoid incest set in a futuristic galaxy of pleasure sabers, scrambikes, and zero-gravity sexual pursuits. Meet the imperial King Zemanshãh of the Paresii Empire and eternal raping of young slave-girls. Meet the sex slave-girl slut Grenade and read about her taking it in the bunghole by her brother and space pageboys. Meet Emperor Zaphine of the Triangulum Galaxy and hear the tale of his ribald wanderings. Meet the libertine Hâles from the Void and learn about its endless pursuit of blowing semen on his next of kin. Lust knows no dimensional bounds in this wildly hypnotic tale of erotic science fiction.


I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program in the hopes that I would leave an honest review.

I did something with this book that I've never done with a book before. While I was reading, I shared quotes that really stood out to me on a post on my Facebook page, and I really think for this review that I need to share those quotes with you and my thoughts on the matter. But first, I need to point out that this book is published by a company whose headquarters are in Leoti, Kansis (Yeah, they misspelled the state, and since I'm from Kansas, I'm pretty familiar with it's spelling.) This book had far more spelling and grammar errors than I expect to find in a book this size, and yet in this case, they almost added to the appeal. 

The book got off to a rousing good start when "King Zemanshah wondered to himself why after raping over half of the humanoid women of his empire had he not had any children." This was at location 17 in the story. Can we just stop for a second to appreciate the fact that this king is aware that his actions constitute rape. 

When a trader arrives at his palace with a space slave girl, it doesn't take long for the king to take what he wants. "The King leant over and began to lick at the space slave-girl's titties." That is pure poetry right there. Then, even though the king is taking liberties with his slave "The space merchant undid the King's pants. A turgid, ribald cock flopped out. The merchant stroked the royal penis." Talk about a man who knows how to make a sale. Think about it. If the next time you went to buy a car, the salesman did this for you, you'd probably buy the car in a heartbeat right? 

The book also has some very vivid descriptions like "King Zemanshah could no longer hold back his royal orgasm. The King blew a load or ardent, sticky semen into the space slave-girl's maw. Some yellowish cock-juice dribbled down her pink chin and fell to the floor." Who can't see the cock-juice dribbling onto the floor here? Then there's this, "His erection went from hard to harder to space crystal-rock hard." I'm guessing his erection is basically as hard as a diamond, and what girl doesn't love diamonds? 

So far we've got poetry, a masterful salesman, and uber-vivid descriptions. But what really seals the deal for this book is the way the characters talk. "'Whence does such a whorish treat as this hail?' questioned the King." and "Though it is true that our dark lust-space magic is the most powerful in the Triangulum Galaxy, even we wish to spread open our legs and our butt cheeks to astronauts from without our realm." are just two examples of the linguistics of these characters. 

As erotica, this book gets an F. As science fiction, this book also gets an F. As comedy, this book is pure space crystal-rock (diamonds, remember). So overall I give it 3 out of 5 stars because it was entertaining, but not in the way it was intended to be entertaining. It didn't really provide much story at all, just a lot of really awkward and taboo sex. But it was fun for me to read. - Katie 

To see the other quotes I shared but didn't include in the review go here.

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About the Author

Virginia de Sade is the pen name I use. My poor husband would have a heart attack if he knew I was writing erotica in my free time. This is a secret hobby, something I save for myself when not teaching, or reading, or taking care of our two spoiled children and one fat, fluffy cat. I live in the Midwest and am an associate professor in classical and comparative literature. But I also love science fiction. And I absolutely adore erotic fiction. My style is an odd blending of all three. I take old tales and stories from across the world and project them forward into a sci-fi filled future of dystopic erotica. I call this series "Erotic Sci-Fi Tales of Yore." Plenty of smut, but also a story: that is my formula. Enjoy!

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