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*Release Day Blitz* Inconsolable by Amanda Lanclos

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You would think that because I am a Marine that life isn’t that hard to live. I’d like to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. War is hell on earth. I have seen so many things that will haunt me for the rest of my life. No matter how much I try to forget the light fading from someone’s eyes, I cannot. My life is one determined by the mind. I wake up every day to fears of what will trigger the turmoil that sends me into overdrive. My life is depicted by sounds and colors and things that make me less of a man.
Who am I, well I am CPL Blake Johnson. I am a United States Marine and I am living with post-traumatic stress disorder. If it weren’t for Anna, the sunshine in my life things would be much harder than they are.

Being a cosmetologist is not the easiest job for me, and after losing my best friend to her inner demons. I am bound and determined to not lose the man I love as well. They say in my line of profession you are more than what you claim. You are a therapist, a shrink, a person that listens to anything and everything. I am not that person. I have so much built up inside me I think I may be about to explode. I hope that this isn’t true because my heart picked someone that happens to be as inconsolable as I feel.
Who am I? Well, my name is Anna Henderson. I am just trying to live my life one moment at a time and praying that I don’t mess it up.

Nine months in this place and still I have a hard time.  It seems like life is hard no matter what, but being the one of the group who has a soft side sucks ass.  I was put into a difficult situation with this guy.  He had a bomb strapped to his chest and was about to push the detonator.  Jackson gave me the order to shoot him.  Carter was the only one with me and he saw me hesitate.  He grabbed his gun and shot the guy without even thinking twice about it then nodded at me.  I hesitated.  Had Carter not been with me I would have died.  This place is not for me.  I should have gone to Princeton or Harvard where I belonged, but instead here I am trying to act like something more than what I am. 

            Just what am I?  I am the world’s biggest coward.  I wanted to prove that I wasn’t just brains, that I could be something more, but that moment proved that all I am is the nerdy kid with his nose stuck in a book.  I couldn’t even protect myself, had Jameson not been there I would have let the guy blow me up.  I couldn’t kill him. 

            “Johnson come here.”  I turn to see Jackson standing there with running shorts and tennis shoes.  “Let’s go run.”

            “Be right there,” I say as I stand and grab my black and red Nike shocks and slide them on.  I wonder if Carter told him what happened last night.  I doubt he did, Jameson isn’t that type.  I walk outside and join Jackson on the makeshift track in the dirt.

            “What made you decide to become a Marine, Johnson?” 

            I should have known this was coming.  I’m surprised I made it through boot camp.  I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for, but I am not strong enough to kill someone.  I don’t think I have that inside me. “I wanted to be more than the valedictorian of Adams High School, more than a person with brains.”  I shrug and keep in step with Jackson as he moves along.

            “I see it in your eyes Blake, you don’t think you’re good enough.  Only you can be the judge of your worth.  I am just going to tell you, you’re a damn good Marine.  You think before you act, not act before you think.  It makes you lethal.  Remember that.”

            I watch him and nod my head, then we both pick up our pace.  After his words I don’t have anything to say so I just keep pace with him.  I never really thought I needed reassurance, but now that I have it, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I only have nine more months before I can go home and finish this deployment. 

            After about six laps around the makeshift track Jackson bows out and goes to our cots.  I keep running.  It’s something you become good at when you’re the red headed nerdy kid with glasses. LASIK was the best thing ever invented.  Finally, I finish my run, take a quick shower and go to the barrack to lay my head down.  I look up at the ceiling and think only two hundred and seventy five more days of this.  It will be a broken record until I can make it home.

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***DISCLAIMER*** This book contains topics of a serious nature, including possible violent scenes.
About the Author:
Amanda is from a small town in Louisiana. She is a mother to one beautiful daughter, expecting baby number two, and two bad fur babies. She's been married to the love of her life for 3 years. She loves to read and has for as long as she can remember. One day she decided she had a story to tell so she sat down to write it. Now her dream of not only reading the stories she loves, but giving other people a story to devour was set into motion.  Amanda is also one of the co-founders of Crazy Cajun Book Addicts book blog and loves being able to let others see all the amazing books being written. 

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