Friday, August 29, 2014

Temporary Bliss
BJ Harvey

Temporary Bliss was a romantic, funny, dirty, witty book. 
Makenna (Mac) 4 years hit rock bottom. She was in a abusive relationship that she finally managed to escape from. When she escaped she promised herself that she would live her own life for her and her alone. She vowed to never let another man control her again and would never let herself get close to another man either. She won't date, doesn't do relationships, all she will do is have no strings attached sex with her 3 friends Zander, Sean and Noah. 
Late one night Mac has a chance encounter with Daniel. There's a instant connection between the 2 of them. Mac starts to feel things she hasn't felt in a long time. Will Mac throw her non commitment issues out the window or will she finally learn to open up to another person again and could this person be Daniel?
Mac is a very strong person, witty women who you have to admire. She's been through so much but has still remained as strong as she has. She escaped a very abusive relationship which would of took so much strength and determination and then still managed to rebuild her life and herself back up again.
Daniel is sizzling hot, with a capital S. He's seriously amazing. He's sexy, very confident, charming, understanding and sincere, he's pretty much a perfect man and would make a perfect BBF. 
Mac and Daniel have a very intense connection. As soon as they met you could feel the sex tension coming off the pages. Their sexual tension led to some seriously hot sex scenes. There wasn't just sex, there was a lot of very dirty talking between them both too. I found myself blushing on more than one occasion. 
You can tell Daniels feeling towards Mac is completely genuine. He truly wants to be with her, he treats her perfectly and unlikely anybody has ever treated Mac before. Daniel is very romantic to Mac and is luckily to of found somebody like him after the rubbish she's been through in the past.
Reading about Macs journey from a scared women to a happy women because of Daniel is lovely. Mac really learns to open up and learns to trust people again. It was nice to see her go on this journey and become a new person. 
The story was very fast paced and I enjoyed the story the more and more I got in to the book. 
A lovely story that takes you on a beautiful journey. 

4  Stars

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