Thursday, November 30, 2017

*Review* Pounded in the Butt by the Handsome Physical Manifestation of Holiday Shopping by Chuck Tingle

Genre: Erotica
Published: November 20, 2017
Pages: 34

Ferndo loves the holidays, but the overwhelming struggle to find the perfect present for everyone that he knows is starting to get him down. While Ferndo could easily just buy several paperback copies of Chuck Tingle’s latest books, a great gift that’s available now with free shipping from Amazon Prime, Frendo heads to the mall on Black Friday instead. 

Unfortunately, Ferndo is quickly swept away by the surging crowd, and nearly drowns before he’s rescued by a man in a rowboat, named Borson Reems. Eventually, Ferndo and Borson find shelter on a desert island amid this overwhelming sea of shoppers. 

But Ferndo quickly learns that they’re not the only ones who inhabit this beautiful oasis at the local mall. Soon enough, he’s face to face with the handsome sentient manifestation of holiday shopping, who he’s ready to give a piece of his mind… and butt! 

This erotic tale is 4,200 words of sizzling human on handsome living concept of buying and selling action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies, and physically manifested holiday shopping love.

I realize now that I'm drowning in this sea of shoppers, the force of the tides just too much for me to contend with.

"I was gonna try to talk some sense into these people, to warm their hearts and open their eyes to a few sensible purchases, like a brand new Chuck Tingle paperback available now with free shipping from Amazon Prime! Or a Chuck Tingle shirt from Chuck Tingle dot com!"

It's hard to believe that Mr. Tingle would allow a holiday season to pass without writing some new absurd erotica to commemorate the season, and thankfully that didn't happen this year. This holiday season's hot button topic tackled by Tingle is the over-commercialization of Christmas, with a particular focus on door-buster deals starting earlier and earlier every year. And, well, I just knew I had to include at least one Tingle holiday tale in my 12 Books of Christmas challenge.

The thing I like most about Chuck Tingle's books is how he takes everything to the extreme. For instance, in this story, the waves of shoppers at the mall trying to take advantage of the Black Friday door buster deals turn into a literal ocean of people, and Ferndo has to be saved by a buddy he made outside before the madness started in a rowboat. It's so far outside of the realm of possibility, but you have no choice but to hang on for the ride. And after the ridiculous scene setup, you're always treated to some absolutely absurd, impossible, but graphic, gay sex.

Pounded in the Butt by the Handsome Physical Manifestation of Holiday Shopping almost did not let me down on any of the things that I expect from Mr. Tingle. The scene setup was detailed so that in spite of it's absurdity, I had no problem picturing the mall with the writhing masses marooning Ferndo and Borson on the random deserted island in the middle of the mall. The only thing that I found a little bit disappointing was the sex scene at the end. Apparently I don't find being pounded by a gift particularly titillating. But it was still ridiculous, so not completely unexpected.

Overall I give Pounded in the Butt by the Handsome Physical Manifestation of Holiday Shopping 4.732 stars. - Katie 

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