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Title: Hungry Heart
Author: Violet Haze
Genre: NA/Romantic Suspense
Published: March 17, 2015
Pages: 334


Caroline Lowther’s in a long-term open relationship with her boyfriend of nearly four years, Nathan MacMillan. For the past six months, Nathan’s had another girlfriend, Rissa, while Caroline has yet to find anyone else who interests her in a romantic way. That is until Benedict Grant, a local business man in an open-relationship of his own, approaches her at her favorite cafe and makes his own attraction clear. 

What follows is a whirlwind romance where two hearts fall fast for one another, secrets kept become desires revealed, and the shocking murder of someone close to Caroline leaves her world shattered and her heart broken. 

Picking up the pieces, Caroline must learn that life has immeasurable merit, love is worth holding on to even if it’s different than what she’s always thought, and every single moment leads you right to where you need to go.

*Originally published as a serial, this story is now in one full length eBook.*

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“I’m Benedict, and you must be Caroline’s boyfriend.”

“Yeah.” Nathan takes his hand to shake, and I look up into his face to see he’s totally relaxed and smiling as well. “I’m Nathan. And you didn’t have to get the drinks…”

Benedict releases Nathan’s hand and waves a dismissive hand as his eyes find mine. “I own this place. And it’s my pleasure.”

Oh, I bet it is. And seriously, the owner of Club Play? I caught the eye of the owner of the place my boyfriend and I frequented all the time? I can’t believe it, but next to me, Nathan whistles low, then laughs.

“Good luck with this one, babe. I’m gonna go find Rissa.” He leans in and pecks my lips, then nods at Benedict. “Have fun you two.”

Nathan grabs his beer and walks away, leaving me alone with Benedict, who stands where Nathan just vacated and stares down at me. “I’m glad you decided to come.”

Something — perhaps it’s the naughty glint in his eyes — tells me those words were absolutely meant as a promise for what he wanted to make me do, and therefore, his statement is a double entendre.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” I raise a brow as he smiles and leans on the bar with one elbow as he quirks a brow. “You knew I’d want confirmation of your claim to openness.”

He holds up a hand with three fingers without a word, then lowers them one by one in an exaggerated and slow fashion. When the final finger joins his fist, I don’t even get to blink as a body crashes into Benedict.

“Honey, there you are! You said by the bar, but did you have to lean on it so I couldn’t see you through the crowd? Geeze.” The woman with long and curly red hair throws her arms around his shoulders and kisses him on the cheek in a flamboyant fashion, then turns to me and grins. “You must be Caroline. Nice to meet you.”

It happens so fast I’m left with my mouth gaping open and Benedict laughs.

“Caroline, meet my girlfriend, Miranda.” He leans down and kisses his girlfriends lips, then looks at me as he states, “Here’s your proof you wanted to make sure she’s real and all that jazz. Satisfied?”

“Oh yes,” Miranda squeals, leaning forward and hugging me, and honestly, it’s a tad awkward. She pulls back, and steps away from both of us. “You two have fun! I’m going back to Len. Later!”

She runs off before I can even speak, and Benedict holds out his hand. “Come with me.”

“She—you—I—“ I look to where she went to, then down at his hand, and back up at his face. “What?”

“Frank,” Benedict calls out, and within seconds, the bartender asks ‘yes?’ as he stands by us, and Benedict tilts his head toward me. “Tell Caroline here who my girlfriend is and what she looks like.”

“Uh, okay.” He looks at me and I can tell he’s confused by the request as he shrugs. “Tall. Name is Miranda. Curly red hair. Hyper in a way that sort of has me imagining how a chipmunk on crack would act—”

I bust out laughing, cutting him off with a wave of my hand, and stand up.

About the Author

Violet Haze is a big fan of romance — writing and reading.

The autistic mother of one, she currently spends her days writing, reading, procrastinating, and protecting her son from himself as he pretends that he is a superhero.

Secrets is her fourth, and one of three, in the A Woman’s Affair serial.

Mate is her third serial romance.

Hungry Heart is her third, and complete, serial romance.

Loving My Angel is her second erotic romance serial (three of four parts out now).

Refuge may be read as a standalone, and is a 100-page novella for your enjoyment.

Luna, her first erotic romance serial, is complete and available now.

Find all of Violet’s books where eBooks are sold!

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