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*Review* Perfectly Normal by Jaden Wilkes

Book Description

 July 7, 2014
Take a girl like Columbia, put her in a vastly different life with a man unlike anyone she's ever known. Throw in Dimitri's nightmares, the Concierge's disdain for Dimitri's new house guest and a few hundred people looking high and low for the both of them...and it makes for a very interesting first few months in a brand new relationship. 

Picking up at the end of the last chapter from the first bestselling book in this series, this novel covers their time together in Hong Kong. 

Two twisted and imperfect beings must adjust to their new lives together while avoiding detection from authorities and an international crime ring. 

***As with the first novel in this series, this story covers dark themes with 18+ sex, murder and violence.
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Reviewed by Kristi Droney – Just Another Girl and Her Books

At the end of book one, The Beast, there was a great deal of time that passed between the final chapter and the epilogue. For this reason, this was a second book I was really looking forward to. Me being someone who appreciates the darker reads, I could not wait to catch up with Dimitri (Dimi) and Columbia and see what happened during the missing time in book one. During this book you will spend time with Dimi, Columbia, and the concierge. You will also learn his name finally. Perfectly Normal takes you on a journey depicting Columbia getting stronger, learning how to fight and even how to kill.  In this book you will watch the love Dimi and Columbia share grow. You will see if the concierge can grow to trust Columbia and how the relationship between these two changes and develops. The books takes place primarily in Hong Kong, where the couple, along with the concierge, escaped to at the conclusion of book one.   

This book was full of passion, raw, gritty, action packed, full of romance, and packed with hot sex. Jaden does not disappoint with this follow-up to book one.  I found this book to be a fantastic companion to the first book and it filled in some gaps in time that I was previously wondering about. I read through this book fairly quickly and was angst ridden wondering what would happen. I fell more in love with Dimitri and Columbia and their “perfectly normal” love. The suspense and drama were perfect and the sex scenes were out of this world. They were smoking hot and left me wanting so much more! I am definitely looking forward to more from this series.  If you have not read these books, you must do so!!

I give this book 5 stars!!!

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