Friday, July 18, 2014

Resistance by K.Larsen review

I'm a big fan of the "Bloodline" series by K. Larsen. Resistance lived up to my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
The story follows Sawyer. He owns Bloodlines tattoo parlour. Sawyer doesn't do relationships, and hates drama in his life. He somehow seems to attract "broken women" that he doesn't have the patience to deal with.
Sawyer has been having a "casual" relationship with his friend Clara for years. They're best friends with benefits, Sawyer loves how their lives are integrated and it doesn't bother him that everyone thinks they are married. Clara however breaks away from Sawyer very suddenly because she thinks it's for the best for him to move forward in his life. This leaves him lost, confused and not knowing how to move on from her and their "casual" relationship that he was secure in.
Sawyer ends up having a one night stand and it changes his life forever.
I loved Sawyer. His character was amazingly written and developed. He was a bad/good boy that was different than most "bad boys" you read about. He was very likeable and hot and all the way through the book I just really wanted things to work out for him.
The pull between Sawyer and his number one girl was very good to read about.
The way K.Larsen wrote the book really pulled you in and felt like you were living your life along side them. The story kept me interested all the way throughout and I read it in one sitting.
Overall the book was written very well,. The characters were very likeable and the story wasn't just "another" romance book.
Great job.

Reviewed by Kim Howlett

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