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Review: Smitten by the Brit by Melonie Johnson


Genre: Romance
Published: May 28, 2019
Pages: 382


English professor Bonnie Blythe expects her life to play out like her favorite novels, especially now that her long-term boyfriend has finally proposed. So when a shocking discovery leads Bonnie to end her engagement, she decides to close the book on love. But the plot thickens when a brand-new character enters the scene—and quickens Bonnie's heart.

With his brilliant blue eyes, sexy accent, and irresistible charm, Theo Wharton is like a romantic hero straight out of a Jane Austen novel. When fate places Bonnie in England for a summer—conveniently close to Theo—she realizes a hot friends-with-benefits fling is exactly what she needs to start a fresh chapter. Just as Bonnie begins to believe she's falling in love, an eye-opening revelation into Theo's life makes Bonnie feel like she's wandered into one of her favorite books. Will Bonnie have the courage to risk her heart and turn the page with the dashing Brit to find her true happy ending after all?

Those sugar biscuits tell it like it is. The unvarnished truth.

I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program. I also happened to receive a copy through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

I started reading this book back in January but didn't get very far. I was dealing with a lot of things in my personal life and completely stopped reading. When I was ready to pick up a book again, this cover didn't draw me in like others. So it took me a little longer to read it, but once I remembered how much I enjoy reading, I was ready to dive back in.

I was already somewhat familiar with the characters from reading Getting Hot with the Scot, and it was nice getting to see the continuation of that relationship through Bonnie and Theo. But the real fire in the story was obviously between the main characters.

I felt like Bonnie's constant literary references were a bit cliche. I understand that she's a literature professor so she knows these works backwards and forwards, but I was getting a little annoyed with the comparisons. But I felt giddy every time Theo used her love of books to impress her. 

The issues plaguing Bonnie and Theo's relationship were reasonable and were actually problems that wouldn't just be solved by talking. They might not have been as severe if they'd been more up front with each other, but it wouldn't have completely solved them. I actually appreciated that. The story was also not as predictable as I typically find romances, so another plus.

Overall I give this book 3.4 stars out of 5. - Katie 

USA Today bestselling author Melonie Johnson―aka #thewritinglush―enjoys sipping cocktails that start with the letter m. Declared a “writer to watch” by Kirkus and a “fizzy, engrossing new voice” by Entertainment Weekly, her smart funny contemporary romances include Too Good to Be Real and her award-winning debut series, Sometimes in Love. Her work has appeared on the Amazon Best Books of the month and been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, BuzzFeed, and more. A former high school English and Theatre teacher, she spends her days in her Star Wars office, dreaming up meet cutes. She lives in Chicagoland with her husband, their two redhead daughters. Watch for her next rom-com, TOO WRONG TO BE RIGHT, in early 2023. Visit her at and find her on Instagram and TikTok at @thewritinglush.

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