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*2018 Finishing The Series Challenge*

You may not know this about me, but I am notoriously bad at finishing book series I have started, especially since I started blogging. I honestly couldn't tell you how many series I have read one or two books from and no more off the top of my head (I'll be using my Goodreads read shelf for most of this post). But I want to try to be better about catching up/keeping up with the series that I have started in the future, so I am joining Celebrity Readers for the 2018 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge (just click the title for more information on the rules and to sign up). 

While I probably have at least a dozen series that I need to finish right now, I'm setting my sights low for this challenge, because I want to keep my expectations realistic. And my life is going to be in some major upheaval next year with pretty much everything changing, so I don't even know what to expect for myself for the year. So rather than setting my sights high and then failing to even come close to achieving my goal, I'm only going to aim for the C-List. 

So what series do I intend to finish? Honestly, I can't plan that far ahead either, so I'm just going to list several options for series that I need to finish, and we'll work from there. 

The Hangman's Daughter series by Oliver P√∂tzsch - I read the first book in this series for book club several years ago. I super loved it and have bought all the subsequent books in the series, but I haven't cracked a single one of them. There are six books published now, with a seventh coming in 2018, so I'll have to read six books to finish this series. 

The Dollanganger series by V.C. Andrews - I've read Flowers in the Attic, and I think I got partway through Petals on the Wind when I was in high school. I would definitely do this series starting with a re-read of Flowers in the Attic though, since it's been so long since I originally read it. That would mean I'd have five books to read to complete this series. 

The Timely Death Trilogy by Shannon A. Thompson - I read the first two books in this series, and then the original publisher went out of business so the third book was not published, for like over a year, until Ms. Thompson signed with a new publisher. I was so ready for the final book after finishing the second, and then I couldn't get it forever, and my enthusiasm maybe this will be the year that I finally read it. 

The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica A. Roth - I read Divergent and then nothing else (because I started blogging and for quite some time felt like I couldn't pick my books anymore and had to only read books that were sent to me for review). It's a series that I really need to finish, so I can finish watching the movies. 

The Riven Wyrde Saga by Graham Austin-King - This is a trilogy and I've read the first two books from it. I'm not sure what happened and why I haven't read the third, but I need to. So it goes on the list of potential series to be finished this year. 

The Summer Lake series by S.J. McCoy - There are 13 books in this series and I've read one of them (book #4). I really enjoyed it, and it's definitely the type of series I'd seek out if I wanted to read contemporary romance, I just don't often get the urge to read contemporary romance. But this is a series that I want/need to finish reading, so maybe this will give me the impetus to do so. 

The Sensations Collection by L.B. Dunbar - There are 5 books in this series, and I have read two of them (#2 and #4). That means I'll need to read three more books to finish off this series this year. 

The Osteria Chronicles by Tammie Painter - There are currently three books in this series, and I've read only one of them completely, although I have been "currently reading" the second book in the series for about two years now. So I'll have to read 1.5 books to get current with this series this year. 

The Circuit Trilogy by Rhett C. Bruno - I've read the first book in this trilogy, so I'll only have to read two more to finish it. It's definitely a serious contender for the year. 

The Outlier series by Daryl Banner - There are currently three books in this series and I've only read the first. That means I only have two other books to read to get current, but they are kind of massive books, so finishing this series this year is a bit iffy. 

The Fish Tales by Suanne Laqueur - This is a four book series and I'm about ready to finish reading the second book. The author is super mean to her characters though, so reading her books is emotionally taxing, which makes it slow going. I have this series in audio though, so I will definitely be able to finish it in the new year. 

The Legendary Rock Star series by L.B. Dunbar - This is a 5 books series and I've currently read two of them, which means that I need to read three books to get current with this series. I own all of them, I just need to read them. 

Finding Nate series by Ginna Moran - I've read the third and final book of this series...but not the first two, so I should read those at some point. 

The Maze Runner series by James Dashner - I've read the first book in this five book series, which means I have four more to read to get current. My husband is getting more and more insistent that I get caught up so that we can watch the movies, because I refuse to watch the movies without reading the books first, and I'll get super upset if my husband watches the movies without me, so he's basically just SOL right now. 

The Sirens series by T.L. Zalecki - This is just a two book series at the moment, and I've read the first book, so I only have to read one more book to be current on it. This one is definitely doable, if I just remember I need to do it. And it has the added bonus of getting me another Kindle Scout nomination review written. 

Knitting in the City series by Penny Reid - I've completely read one of the books in this 7 book series, and I'm part way through a second (which is also part of another series that will be listed here shortly). I've kind of got my work cut out for me on this series, but maybe this will be my year to get 'er done. 

The Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid - I have been "currently reading" Beauty and the Mustache, which is technically part of this series (and also part of the Knitting in the City series) for a few months even though I haven't finished an entire book from this going to be 6 book series yet, I DID start the series before 2018, so it totes counts. 

The Devil's Night series by Penelope Douglas - I'm pretty sure this series will have three books by the end of 2018, and I've currently read one of them, so that will leave me with two to get caught up (but maybe just one if the third book isn't ready yet before 2018 is over). I'm super ashamed of myself for not being current with this series. 

The Wolfegang series by Jillian Ashe - I've read three of the five full-length novels that are part of this series, and all of the shorts, which puts me two books behind. I believe there is going to be at least one new novel in the series next year for sure, but as Ms. Ashe is one of my proofreading clients, I know for sure I will be reading anything new in the series...I just gotta' go back and get books 2 & 3 read to be fully current. 

The 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey - I've read the first of three books in this trilogy, that means I have two to go. They're kind of expensive and I'm kind of a cheapskate though, so that's a large part of my reason for not reading more from the series yet. 

The Everything series by Kerry Lonsdale - There will be three books in this series by the end of 2018, and I've currently read one of them. I have a copy of the second book, and the third is not yet released so I don't have it yet, but will have time to get it before 2018 is over. 

The Draga Court series by Emma Dean - I'm more current on this series than anyone else can be as Emma Dean is one of my proofreading clients. I'm pretty sure she has more books in mind for the series for next year though, so I'll have something to catch up on. 

So I have 22 for sure series that I could finish next year. If I could just commit and only read the series that I already have started, I could be an absolute rock star on this challenge. But I have commitment issues, so I'm sticking with my plan of being a C-lister (which should be super easy to accomplish as I have a few series from clients on this list, and there may be a couple other series from clients that I'm just not aware will be continuing at the moment). 

So do you have what it takes to commit to finishing any series that you've currently started reading and stalled on? - Katie 

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  1. Good luck with this challenge! There are a few (or a lot) of series that I need to finish, maybe I should participate in this challenge aswell. I'm going to think about it. :)