Tuesday, August 15, 2017

*Review* Crazy for a Geek Girl by Nicolette Dane

Genre: LGBT Romance
Published: January 16, 2016
Pages: 128


There was something quite endearing to me about her geekiness. It was a world I had no experience with, outside my purview, and something that, admittedly, excited me greatly. I wanted to know more about her.

A stressful job in finance and investing has made it impossible for Netty to have any semblance of a functional love life. The long hours are taking their toll and as a huge new project falls in her lap, Netty is just about at her wit’s end. Late one Friday night at work, however, life brightens when a knock on her office door unveils adorably geeky Henrietta, her company’s computer consultant.

Henry — computer geek, gamer, sweetheart — takes Netty on a ride that makes her question her notions of life and love, work and play, and acceptance of herself and others. Always the pretty popular girl, Netty finds herself irrevocably changing as she gets intimate with nerdy Henry, prompting her to wonder whether the path she’s been on has actually been the right one for her.

Will Netty be able to shrug off the negativity around her relationship at work, navigate the conflict of interest in getting involved with her company’s consultant, and finally start living true to herself? Or will this lesbian love affair end like all the rest?


I found a few of this author stories for free on Amazon and got them. It's been so long since I'd read a legit romance, and lesbian romances are my favorite. Anyway, I read another of her stories last week, so I decided to try out this one next. I felt especially compelled to read this one because I am absolutely a geek girl. Also, I love nerdy romances. Anyway, so the main character's pretty high up in the finance company that she works for and she has a thing for a younger woman that works in IT. I just want to note that I get the attraction. My husband is both a geek and also works in the IT department for a finance company. So I understand Netty's interest in Henry pretty well, actually. Okay, so there's some drama going on in here. First of all, Netty is a recovering alcoholic. It's mentioned a bit, but it doesn't really get into any depth on that subject. Then there's the conflict of Netty trying to figure out how to balance her relationship with Henry without compromising her job. Going back to Henry being a nerd... She's a gamer, and plays a MMORPG regularly. That was all good and what not. Until she claimed being intimate with Netty was better than a raid. Blasphemy! But seriously, I did appreciate how Netty was accepting of Henry and didn't try to change her gaming habits. For the most part, I really enjoyed the story. Even though there are some repetitious parts and some of issues brought up without any real resolution. But I really like the relationship between Netty and Henry. 3.5 Platypires - Joood - Hooligan

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About the Author

Nicolette Dane landed in Chicago after studying writing in New York City. Flitting in and out of various jobs without finding her place, Nico decided to choose herself and commit to writing full-time. Her stories are contemporary scenarios of blossoming lesbian romance and voyeuristic tales meant to give you a peep show into the lives of sensual and complicated women. If you're a fan of uplifting and steamy lesbian passion, you've found your new favorite author.

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