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*Review* Memories of a Ghost by Joe DeRouen

Genre: Fantasy
Published: May 26, 2015
Pages: 344


Claire Summers awoke in a doctor’s office, heart pounding in her chest, blouse hiked up around her belly. She watched in confusion as a dark-haired woman moved an ultrasound paddle over her exposed stomach. “Claire,” said the woman, her badge identifying her as Dr. Greenwald, “your baby’s going to be okay.” She turned her head, scanning the room. They were alone. “I found the heartbeat,” the woman continued. “You were lucky this time. Your baby’s fine.” Claire? Is that her name? She doesn’t remember coming to see Dr. Greenwald, or even being pregnant. She doesn’t remember anything before waking up in the examination room, her life a complete blank. The only thing she really knows is that someone, somewhere is trying to kill her. 

Memories of a Ghost tells the story of a young woman’s quest to remember her life. And just when she thinks she’s put all the pieces together, along comes an entirely different puzzle that will make her doubt herself and her sanity. Is she really Claire Summers?


I don't do this very often anymore, but I was given this audiobook in exhange for an honest review. I am a fan of the author, Joe DeRouen, so I already anticipated that I'd enjoy it. Either that, or I'd be incredibly disappointed and it would require me to unlike his fanpage and pretend he never existed in the first place. Okay, so I've been meaning to read this book for a while. And I planned on reading it when I acquired it. But I completely forgot that I had it already, because I'm horrible person. But that's really beside the point. There's probably a note on one of my read-a-thon posts from last year with this book on it. I don't even want to search and find out, because there's too much shame involved. I really like how this author does paranormal. It's probably why I enjoy his books as much as I do. It's less vampires and whatnot and more actual demons that are going to cause some crazy damage if they're not stopped. Think an episode of Supernatural, except with a completely different set of characters - and before it became crazy ridiculous. Aka, good times. I was a bit confused a few times between the switches of characters. There is a lot going on, and a whole lot of people to keep up with. It really wasn't until a few chapters in that I started having an idea of what was going on in the book. Despite that issue, I felt the story had so much awesomeness that such insolence can be mostly overlooked. Like I mentioned, a bunch of stuff is happening. But it's all brought together in a way that I was both not expecting and pleased me greatly. And isn't that what matters in life? Also to note, there is mention of platypires in this book. And there's a character with my last name. If I were to reward extra stars for such a thing, this book would have a bajillion of them. Alas, I don't. But I did enjoy the other bits as well so it's getting 4 of them. - Joood - Hooligan

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About the Author

Joe was born in Carthage, Illinois, and currently lives in Rogers, Arkansas with his wife Andee, their son Fletcher, and their cats Milo, Lucky, and Archer. Joe is a freelance writer, web designer, and substitute teacher, and also serves on the Arkansas Arts Academy school board. In addition to writing, he enjoys purchasing (and occasionally watching) copious amounts of Blu-Ray discs, listening to music, playing video games, and collecting Mego action figures from the 1970s.

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