Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review of "Seconds Before Sunrise" by Shannon A. Thompson

Jessica is just a normal high school girl, or so she thinks. She doesn't remember that she's the prophesied third descendant in the epic battle that will take place between the Light and Dark, or pretty much anything else from the past 8 months that she's been in Hayworth. It's supposed to be for her own good, but will it really save her from the evil?

Eric is anything but normal. Human by day, shade by night and the prophesied first descendant representing the dark in the epic battle that will determine who gets to keep their powers. He has a lot to worry about, including Jessica even though he's not supposed to talk to her anymore. She is the one thing that could prevent him from winning the battle, and the last thing he needs is more distractions as his 18th birthday approaches. Will his actions make a difference, or is his fate pre-determined?

"Seconds Before Sunrise" is the second book in the Timely Death Trilogy by Shannon A. Thompson. I loved "Minute's Before Sunset" so I was thrilled (I actually squealed) when she asked me to review "Seconds Before Sunrise." I couldn't wait to dive back into Eric/Shoman and Jessica's story, and it didn't disappoint (actually it kind of did, but not in a bad way if that makes any sense).

"Minutes Before Sunset" left me with a lot of questions and hypotheses about which humans were members of the Light, and "Seconds Before Sunrise" didn't answer ANY of them! That's why I'm a bit disappointed, but like I said, it's not really in a bad way. Developments in this story have strengthened my suspicions, although I was second-guessing myself some too. I love how this series makes me really think and play detective while I'm reading instead of making everything obvious.

"Seconds Before Sunrise" seems to focus a lot more on Jessica than Eric/Shoman, and it works well. With her missing memories and unanswered questions and desire to spend time talking to Eric even though she doesn't remember what he means to her, there is a lot to work with in her life. Then you add her weird dream memories and it's almost like opening up Pandora's box of mysteries. I spent a lot of time wondering if she would ever realize that those dreams were actually memories.

My favorite part of the book, though, was probably when Eric showed up to rescue Jessica Edward Cullen style, although he ended up there by chance (or maybe it was pre-destined) and not because he was stalking her like a psycho.

Overall I give "Seconds Before Sunrise" five out of five stars for being truly engaging, well written, and mentally stimulating. I would definitely recommend this whole series to any YA fan or actual teenager/young adult that is looking for the next "cool" series. - Katie

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