Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Welcome to our blog. This is a new endeavor started by myself, Katie, and my friend Courtney (she has done most of the work though, so she gets most of the credit.) We met as Army wives in Germany and share a love of books. We especially like supporting indie authors and their books.

A little about me. I have two children, M is the four year old clone of his father, and L is a 2 year old daughter of Satan, in other words my clone. They are polar opposites; M being shy, quiet, and reserved, and L being outgoing, spunky, and entirely uninhibited. They definitely keep me on my toes. I've been married to my wonderful husband J for 7 years now (in case you were keeping track our initials really are J K L M and that was NOT intentional). J is slightly unreasonable and insists on limiting the number of physical books I own, so I'm very thankful for ereaders and digital books. He is supportive of technology though and has provided me with three different devices on which I can easily transport and read the thousands of books I have downloaded from Amazon. I am an aspiring writer currently taking part in NaNoWriMo (and I'm even on track with my word counts, but I'm pretty sure most of what I've written is trash, but maybe not.) I read all types of books, but enjoy Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror books the most. Sometimes my inner teenager rears her gorgeous head and I just have to read a good romance to appease the "romantic" in her. I think that's just about all there is to know about me.

A little bit about Courtney (I'm sure I'm going to get a bunch of this wrong, but she'll correct me). She has a two year old son, K, who is the perfect blend of her and her husband H appearance wise at least. Seriously, he's adorable, her son, not her husband. She's currently in school for something medical related (I really should know this but it's escaping my memory at the moment) and she still finds time to read somehow. I'm pretty sure she's a vampire and doesn't need to sleep, but she'd be a sparkly Twilight vampire because I've seen her in daylight. I believe her favorite genres of literature are paranormal and romance.

From ME! (Courtney) Katie got most of it right. I tend to think K looks more like his daddy but he is definitely a mommas boy. As Katie said, I do go to school for something medical related (medical assisting). I graduate in March!!! WOOHOO!!! I've been with H for 3 years. We met in the Army when we were both in AIT or training for those who don't know what that is. We were best friends who decided to get married literally overnight. Just one day I said "hey, you're leaving in a few days. We should get married." And so we did. As Katie said, she thinks I'm a vampire. Just don't tell anyone, but I really am. I don't need sleep. I usually run on 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night. Between taking care of my son, doing homework, and my obsession of books, I just don't have time for silly things like sleeping. I'll read any good book but my favorite genres are paranormal and romance. Blend both of them together and I'm in heaven! I don't know why I read romance though. Most of the time after reading a romance book I want to slap my husband across the face. Why can't you be like that!!!??? LOL. But I think that's all there is for me too.

We are just starting out on this, so it's probably going to be a bit bumpy at first, but bear with us and we'll get better, I promise. Please feel free to give us suggestions on what we could be doing better. And if you have any indie author or book suggestions for us to read, we welcome those as well. In the meantime, happy reading. ~Katie

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