Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review of Bound by Brenda Rothert

Synopsis: College senior Kate Camden has learned to adapt - to her last year of school, to the promise of motherhood, to the fact that she’s doing it all alone. But just when she’s learned to adjust, heartache threatens to break her apart. 

Pro hockey player Jason “Ryke” Ryker has it all: adoring fans, a promising career, and a beautiful wife. But when his seemingly perfect life is shaken by tragedy, he’s left questioning whether having it all is ever more than an illusion. 

When circumstance brings Kate and Ryke together, they discover they don’t have to hurt alone. Bound by a grief that haunts them both, they must rely on one another to survive heartbreak. But that grief is more powerful than they realize, and the tie that binds them together may ultimately tear them apart.
This book blew me away. I would have never thought I would enjoy a book starring a hockey player because I've never really been a fan of jocks, that's probably the nerd in me, but Jason Ryker made me fall in love with him and hockey. I'm seriously going to find a way to watch some hockey games now. I felt an immediate connection with Kate, possibly because we have very similar names, but I would never want to be in her shoes, well except for when she's with Ryke maybe.

"I kissed you. Or tried to anyway. And it made you 
cry, which was a first for me." Ryke

This book made me laugh, cry and swoon, all in a matter of like five minutes. It also pissed me off and made me jealous and suspicious. And at times it even had me yelling at my Kindle like the lunatic that I apparently am. Kate has intimacy issues and Ryke has been burned one too many times in the past, so they both bring a lot of baggage into things, making them feel like they don't deserve each other, which I think is pretty common in relationships anyway.

Fully clothed hand-holding in a parking garage was the 
equivalent of dirty sex for me now. - Kate

I give this book a full five stars for making me love something I'd never imagined loving before, and keeping me enthralled by the drama and sexual tension. Ryke made me realize that even testosterone ridden alpha male hockey players can have real feelings too, and maybe, just maybe we should care. Katie

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