Thursday, January 27, 2022

Vunella Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Review


I should have reviewed Vunella shampoo and conditioner bars like a year ago. But I didn't want to because they made me mad. To start with, I ordered them at the same time as I ordered the Earthling Co bars, but it took my first shipment months to arrive (whereas the Earthling Co bars got here in like a week). I was honestly two days away from reporting it as fraud to PayPal (which is how I paid for them) when they finally arrived on my doorstep. And even after they arrived I was still tempted to report it as fraud, because one of my shampoo bars was missing from my order (I didn't, because I'd received most of my order and that would've been dishonest). I had expected them much sooner you see, because they were on SALE when I bought them. But I've been paying attention to the Vunella site since then, and their stuff is ALWAYS on sale. The sales are a gimmick so you'll think you're getting a bargain, but it's really just the price of their bars. But the gimmick worked on me because I chose them as one of my first orders BECAUSE of the sale. Long story not so short, I wanted to hate these shampoo and conditioner bars. 

But I didn't. In fact, except for the fact that I absolutely love, love, love the lilac scent of my Viori bars, these are my favorite shampoo and conditioner bars that I've used so far. They lather quickly, and leave my hair feeling more full than I ever remember it being in my life. And when I'm not going to the gym and using the pool every day, I can easily go three days without washing my hair, and it will only just start to look greasy (and that's with wearing a hat, oftentimes in a hot kitchen, for "8" hours a day). I am legitimately mad because of how much I like these bars. 

I like them so much, in fact, that I ordered from them again (even though I still have a list somewhere, although I'm not sure where somewhere is right now, of other companies to order from and test out) because they caught me with another sale gimmick. Each bar was like $8, and that's honestly the cheapest I've found, and I know these bars work well with my hair. I'm also going through my shampoo and conditioner bars more quickly because I am going to the gym and using the pool most days so my hair needs to be washed more often. And I'm happy to report that this order arrived within like a week of me placing it. 

So it is against my better judgement that I highly recommend these bars if you're looking to jump on the shampoo bar bandwagon. They are affordable and the best I've used so far for keeping my hair moisturized and healthy. - Katie 

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