Wednesday, June 21, 2017

*Review* Feels Like Falling by Jillian Ashe

Genre: Science Fiction
Published: June 15, 2017


Kat lost everything when she was put in cryostasis. She woke up 500 years later than scheduled. Now she's part of a smuggling crew on the spaceship the Wolfegang where they take jobs that aren't always legal. Kat's just trying to blend in, but when the crew runs into some pirates she wonders exactly what she got herself into.


I was hired to proofread this book. The only aspects of the story that I influenced were the spelling and grammar. If you feel that my connection with the book makes my review untrustworthy, so be it, but this is my honest review. 

So this is a stand-alone novella, and I feel like it does provide enough of the important information to get what's going on in this world, and having read future books in the series, I can say that there is nothing in this book that is necessary to know for future books. That being said, I would definitely recommend reading it before reading at least Far From Safe and Give Me Chaos if you are going to read those books too. This is not because you need to read it for those stories to make sense, but because you may spend an inordinate amount of your time reminding yourself that certain things haven't happened yet in Feels Like Falling if you read FFS and GMC first. I know, because it happened to me.

This novella is absolutely action packed. It feels like a lot happens in a very short amount of time, partially because the bulk of the story only spans like a day or so, but it doesn't seem like an unreasonable amount of action (if that makes sense.) All the action made the story move along at a brisk pace though, so I felt like I basically flew through the story, and I was hesitant to put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen next (even though I already knew the basic outcome). I just needed to know how they got there.

I would definitely recommend this book and series to people who like reading about strong female characters, although Kat hasn't really come into her own quite yet at this point (but she wakes up after being in cryostasis for 500 years and manages to do alright, so that's a bit of an achievement too.)

5 out of 5 stars. - Katie 

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About the Author

My readers are what's important to me. Yes, I write for myself and the enjoyment of it, but I adore when a reader actually has a great time reading a story I slaved over. I don't write any particular genre, but I do stick to kick-ass female characters. I love writing about all types of differently strong women. My debut series is Young Adult Science Fiction. The first novella is free to see if you enjoy what I write.

I'm very involved with my fandoms, and love all things geeky and nerdy. I love connecting with my readers, so if you'd like to contact me just head over to my website :)

Jillian Ashe

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