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*Joood's Reviews* Just Getting Started by Justin Bieber

Genre: Memoir
Published: September 13, 2012
Pages: 240


"My story is something I like to share with others, to show people that with enough belief in yourself and what you can accomplish, anything is possible."—Justin Bieber

From Tel Aviv to Tokyo, over the past few years I've traveled around the world and back again. It's been amazing, but it's also hard to believe that not so long ago I was singing on the streets of Stratford, Ontario. I can honestly say that anything is possible, anyone can live the dream, and every day is a blessing.

Now everywhere I go, I'm met with so much love. It's all about you, my fans, and that's why I'm dedicating my book to everyone who's come to sing along. I want to share the stories of my life on the road with you. From the crazy highs of performing on stage to spending those precious quiet moments with my friends and family, I want to give you a personal backstage pass to my world. It's been exhausting but always eye-opening and amazing.

It's astonishing to think that so much has happened, and yet this is just the beginning. I'm just getting started.

I have been in love with Justin Bieber since his days on YouTube. The first time he sang "Baby" to me, my heart absolutely melted and I knew we were meant to be together, I just needed to wait for him to turn 18. (I made the silly mistake of getting married before that happened, but the second Justin realizes that we're meant to be together, I'm getting a divorce. Got a lawyer on speed dial and everything.)  I was so excited when I found out he'd written another memoir, and it only took me four years to get around to writing my review about it. 

I have read this book at least 54,783,872 times and analyzed every single word. I am banking on the fact that gaining such intimate knowledge into his personal life will help me to win him over when we finally meet, and our shared destiny begins. Now I know exactly what to expect from his little teeny-bopper groupies and the best way to earn myself an exclusive backstage pass and afterparty invite, and that's obviously where I'm really going to shine. Let's just say, I can hold my liquor and I hear guys find that very appealing in a woman. 

Long story short, I cannot recommend this book enough. Go buy it now and shame on your for not having already read it. - Joood - Hooligan

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About the Author

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin first broke into the music industry when music manager Scooter Braun spotted his performances on YouTube and then joined forces with superstar Usher to sign thirteen-year-old Justin to a record deal with Island Def Jam Music Group.

Justin's latest number 1 album, Believe, came out in June 2012. It follows his number 1 Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, which was Justin's third number 1 debut in just 18 months. This incredible achievement makes Justin the youngest artist in Billboard history to have a holiday album enter at number 1 and then first solo artist in Billboard history to chart three number 1 albums before his 18th birthday. Prior to Under the Mistletoe, Justin's first album My World 2.0 debuted at number 1 in the charts and featured the single 'Baby', which remains the number 1 most-viewed YouTube video, with currently over 700 million views. Never Say Never: The Remixes, the soundtrack to the highest domestic-grossing concert film in US history, also entered at number 1 in 2011.

Just Getting Started is Justin's second book, following on from the international bestseller First Step 2 Forever: My Story.

*This review is satire. 

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