Wednesday, June 29, 2016

*Review* Thoughts on Life: Random and Otherwise by Jennifer Rego

Genre: Self-Help
Published: December 4, 2014
Pages: 52


Thoughts on Life, Random and Otherwise is a collection of ideas, thoughts, and self reflections that the author has garnered through her own experiences. She shares these thoughts with the intention of inspiring others to reflect on their life, set thought patterns, and self-limiting memes by covering a broad range of topics in short, bite-sized and easily digestible pieces. It is meant to inspire change in the reader's daily life and actions, as well as entertain.


I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program in the hopes that I would leave an honest review.

This book annoyed me. Based on the title, I was expecting the thoughts to be phrased as just that, thoughts (like "I feel" or "I've noticed"). Instead they come off as commands. It felt preachy and in at least one instance I felt like the author was contradicting herself a bit. She talks about being eco-conscious, preserving nature, and of how our rainforests are dying off, and then she tells us to send a letter, like snail mail (in a book that would be half the size it is now with different formatting). That's not very eco-conscious, and it's certainly not going to help to preserve the rainforests.

The advice wasn't necessarily bad, but I felt like the delivery left a lot to be desired. 2 out of 5 stars. - Katie 

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About the Author

After working for 14 years in the financial services sector, and obtaining her MBA, Jennifer uprooted and moved across the country from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest where she's lived and worked for the past ten plus years. She is co-creator for the quirky and clever Columbia River Tunnel Permit sticker that decorates cars up and down the Columbia River and serves on the board of directors and as Treasurer for a local non-profit. In addition to her years of business experience, Jennifer is a also certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Advanced Polarity Practitioner, and a devoted student of Baba Shiva Rudra BalaYogi. She is constantly seeking ways to incorporate the principals discussed in her book into her daily life.

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