Monday, June 23, 2014

Review of Since He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne

This was an edge of my seat thriller masked as a romance. I spent most of the book waiting for the other shoe to drop, and something major to go wrong. Because I've been Team Travis since How He Really Feels, I was quite anxious for things to go wrong for Julianne and Nick.

Ms. Suzanne began the book teasing us with the ending, giving us just enough information to make us suspicious and it kind of drove me insane with anticipation. There was really only one possible outcome with the information we were given and events continued to conspire to confirm my suspicions. My opinion of Nick fell even further and I even got a bit annoyed with Julianne before everything was said and done. Travis, however, did not disappoint me at all.

While there were parts of this book that I found tediously repetitive while reading, it is consistent with the series, and in retrospect kind of to be expected because the book does focus a lot on the characters feelings and those tend to be a bit tediously repetitive.

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for solid writing, consistency, and keeping me intrigued until the end. It's is a series you should definitely pick up, especially if you enjoy contemporary romances. - Katie

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