Friday, May 16, 2014

*Review* of "A Werewolf's Tail" by Amber Taylor

Sara was pretty much a normal fifteen year old nobody until she met Aunt Flo for the first time, and then her life took a turn for the bizarre. She started having extremely weird dreams, followed shortly by meeting a man claiming to be her uncle on her mother's side who tells her she's a werewolf. But there are some things even he doesn't know about her. 

The approach to this story was different. It's told almost entirely in first person in the form of journal entries essentially. I'm not really sure how I feel about that as an approach in general, but it does seem to work for the most part. There was decent suspense build up, although the conflict seemed pretty predictable to me, and this was not one of those books that threw me for a loop. 

The book was fairly well written, although the dialect of the characters was a little hard for me to hear in my head. They're from the deep south and I'm from Kansas where people talk normal :) There were several times where I found myself thinking "But a person wouldn't say that like that," but I've never even visited the south, so I can't really say that for sure. It was a little hard to follow though and I would have liked the 'accent' to be toned down a little to make it a bit more widely understandable I guess. I do understand why the dialogue was written the way it was, it just didn't work great for me. 

Overall this was a pretty good book though and I would definitely recommend it to paranormal fans, especially those interested in YA and shifters. - Katie

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