Review Policy

I am not currently accepting review requests. For more details, go here. If you would still like to submit your book for consideration next year, I will sort and file all requests. 

I am not currently accepting ARCs for review

I'm (Katie) making some changes in the way that I blog here. I have an entire 6 shelf bookcase full of books that I've won through Goodreads giveaways that I would like to find time to read and review, and I just don't seem to have that time when I'm inundated with other review requests. I also don't like reviewing unedited ARCs because spelling and grammar are very important to me, and I'm supposed to ignore those mistakes under the pretense that they are being corrected while I read, but I have no assurance that they actually are corrected. Additionally, I don't work well with deadlines, and with ARCs, there is always at the very least an understood deadline (even when an author says there isn't one, there is an expectation that the book will be reviewed in a timely manner, and I expect it of myself) and I read more when I don't feel like it's a job. So I would prefer to purchase copies of the books I read, which frees me from any deadlines and potential guilt trips from authors for not "going easy" on them since I got a free book out of the deal (I've had an author actually tell me they thought I'd "take it easy on them" because I got a free book.) 

However, I have found some really amazing books through the review requests we have received up until this point, so I don't want to rule those out altogether. If you would like us (me) to consider reviewing your book, you can still submit the information listed below to the email listed below. You will only receive a response if I have elected to read your book, and a review is posted. I have a method in mind for this madness, and I understand that not receiving a response can be nerve wracking, but I'm not prepared to make final decisions on whether I'm going to read a book or not right after I get an email about it. I might not want to read it "today" but in a month and a half it might just be exactly the kind of book I'm looking for. So please feel free to send in your book auditions, if I elect to read it, I will email you back once the review is posted. (If you would prefer to not receive an email if the review is below 3 stars, please state that in your audition. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by shoving a negative review in their face, but I do want to be completely honest on my blog, and I know there are some authors that still want to see those negative reviews. So it's in your hands if you are prepared to see them or not.) I will also tag you on Facebook and Twitter when I share the reviews there (unless it's negative, because again, I don't want to shove those in your face if you're not prepared to see them.) I hope this makes sense and that you can understand where I'm coming from, and I do look forward to receiving your book auditions. - Katie 

Rating System

5 Stars: Great book, engaging, minimal structural errors
4 Stars: Good book, entertaining but with small faults
3 Stars: Decent book, moderate errors
2 Stars: Interesting idea but needs work
1 Star: Read the whole thing, but it needs major work
DNF: Either the book would not hold my attention or it needs a lot of work

Genres I Review

Science Fiction
Romance (historical or paranormal only)

*I read in all genres, but the genres listed above are the ones I most prefer.

Please send review requests to

Please include title, synopsis, genre, and a brief excerpt in all review requests. Feel free to check out my Reading Challenges page to see if your book fits any of my needed categories. If so, please include that information in your review request. 
 Please do not send me a mass email with a link to a Google doc. Thank you. 

We are not currently accepting promo requests or signing up for cover reveals, release blitzes, or blog tours. Please do not send requests for these things to the email provided for review requests. 

If you would like an interview included with your review, please fill out this form.
Interviews may be used for spotlights in the absence of a review. 


  1. Dear Katie, The illustrations are being completed as I write. I am hoping to get reviews at pre-orders stage prior to publication of my new book - Ants In Space! Is this a possibility with you? Thank you in advance, G J Griffiths

  2. Hello,
    I’m hoping you’ll choose to review my debut novel, The Dust Prophet. It is an indie work of historical fiction with a paranormal twist. It is a quick read (86,000 words) but I’m certain the story will be with you for a long time to come.
    In 1921, the tiny farming town of Harmony, Kansas, reeling from grief and desperate for comfort, places their faith in the daughter of a poor dirt farmer. But Esta Macphee is no ordinary girl. She speaks of being touched by God. And she possesses knowledge only the Lord could have bestowed upon her. But is she God’s handmaiden or a clever con-artist? The local pastor believes she is something more sinister, and he will stop at nothing to expose her evil. The Dust Prophet is a story of unyielding ground, the limits of human suffering, and the desperate need for faith. At a time when even the earth rose up against them, a unique family of hardscrabble, yet gifted women, forged a path through the clouds of dust.
    Here is a link to the Amazon page where you can read an excerpt:
    I know that your time is valuable and you have many requests for reviews. I can supply the manuscript in whichever format you prefer. You can reach me at
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Shannon Macfarlane