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*Holiday Spotlight* Misrule's Mistress by Nicole Hurley-Moore

Author: Nicole Hurley-Moore
Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)
Published: December 11, 2013
Pages: 47


With a golden ring and a little cunning Lord Barric Cranley plans to catch his bride. She’s refused him once, but Barric wants Lady Ellette for his wife. He plans to show her just how suited they are. With luck and the Feast of Misrule on his side, he proceeds to awaken Ellette’s passion with his kisses and stoke her jealousy until she realizes just how much she loves him. He’s vowed that by the end of the Christmas festivities he shall have a bride by his side... hopefully it will be Ellette.


“If I were sure that you loved me, that you would accept my offer – I would wait if I only knew how long.” Barric slowly closed his fingers over the ring and let his hand fall down by his side. “I cannot tell you, for I do not know – a year, two... or three.” “But after all these long years, would you then marry me?” “I do not know, Barric; I do not know what to say. I am confused and do not know what I want or feel,” she said as went to walk away but Barric caught her arm and she turned her head and looked at him. “You kissed me back, Ellette.” “I know, I know I did... but...” “Then without an answer I cannot wait for you, Ellette, no matter how much I want to,” Barric said as his hand slid down her cheek. “If I cannot have you, it matters little who I take for a wife. And because of that, I vow I will be married by the Feast of Epiphany.” Arching a brow, Ellette replied, “Are brides so easily found?” “I want you, Ellette, but if you do not wish me for a husband and cast me aside, I will be forced to find a bride elsewhere.” “By the end of our winter festivities?” “Aye,” Barric said. “I fear you have taken our games and challenges too far. For whom will you marry... the kitchen maid, or the weaver’s daughter? I am the only eligible maid at Cranley, and I say nay.” “Mayhap, but I will be married by midnight at the feast.” “In twelve days?” Torn and confused, Ellette stared at Barric. Part of her wanted to cry that perhaps she had been too hasty, perhaps one day, far away, she would marry him. Mixed with that, she was annoyed and hurt that he would think she was so easily replaced; and lastly, a hint of competitiveness reared its head. She almost wanted to take his challenge and wager that it would be impossible to marry in twelve days. “Aye – I swear it,” Barric said as he turned and returned to the feast, leaving Ellette alone with her riotous thoughts.

About the Author

Nicole writes historical, fantasy and contemporary romances. She lives in Victoria, Australia in a rural town with her family. She’s always been a lover of fairytales and happily ever afters.

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