Wednesday, January 21, 2015

*Review* Zombie Reign by Tim Miller

Genre: Horror/Comedy
Published: January 13, 2015
Pages: 106
Ages: 14+
(My estimate)


Clarence Ringo is a movie director. Well, no he isn't but he wants to be! He has convinced himself and numerous others around him that he has written the next great Zombie blockbuster: Zombie Reign. But there are a few problems. Clarence has never directed a film in his life and hasn't actually written anything. That will not stop him though! 

He proceeds with hiring cast and crew while promising them fame and riches beyond their wildest imaginations. After all, if you want something badly enough, you should go for it, right? Clarence does just that until things start to go wrong. Soon everything begins to fall apart as each of his lies start to crumble. From people dying on set, to having to kill in order to see his delusion through, Clarence will stop at nothing to bring his fake vision to life. 

Will Clarence be able to keep it all together in order to create his fake vision? Probably not, but he's not about to let that stop him! Zombie! Reign!


This is a fairly short book, it only took about two hours to read, and I basically sat down and didn't get up again until I'd finished it (thankfully I waited to start it until after my children were in bed asleep.) I was immediately sucked into the story, although I believe that's due in part to my previous knowledge of the events that inspired it. I would strongly recommend you check out for all of the interesting updates on Zombie Reign (the movie) before you read this book. 

This story is told in third person, and jumps around between cast members, which allows us to see the story from several different angles. However, with all the jumping around, I never really felt a connection with any of them. A few of them frequently left me feeling appalled, but never connected. 

This book is largely dialogue driven and doesn't have a whole lot of lengthy descriptions, which can make it a little difficult to picture the scenes, although it also gives your imagination more free reign to decide what the characters and settings look like, so you can create your own fake movie in your head. The dialogue comes off as a little bit cheesy, but that's pretty typical for satire. It also seems a little absurd at times, but I think that's actually the point since the dialogue is at its most absurd when Clarence or Lisa are talking. 

My biggest complaint is that there were several spelling/grammar errors in this story. They didn't completely interfere with the flow, but at times they were a little jarring. For anyone that frequently reads my reviews, you know that means I will be detracting one star from my rating for this.

Overall I give this story 3.5 out of 5 stars. I did thoroughly enjoy it, but the lack of character connection and spelling/grammar errors are an issue for me. I would recommend this book to readers that are also fans of movie parodies. 

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Reading Challenges

I was able to use this book to fulfill some of my reading challenge categories. I elected to use it for my single new release spot in Book Bingo and since I read it in a day, it's filling that category for the Popsugar reading challenge. 

Other categories it could have filled for Popsugar include:
A book published this year
A book based on a true story (sort of)
A book by an author I've never read before

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