Thursday, November 6, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 6 - #TBT - Favorite Childhood Books

Like I said before, I've been an avid reader pretty much since I learned how to read, and there are a lot of books that I absolutely adored as a child and buy whenever I see them at the thrift store in the hopes that my children will enjoy them as well. I went through a horse phase where I read all of the Misty of Chincoteague books as well as most of the Saddle Club series. I absolutely adored the Babysitter's Little Sister books (somehow I never got into the actual Babysitter's Club books). Then there are the books that I just loved to pieces, in some cases, literally.

Matilda by Roald Dahl. When asked what my favorite childhood book was, this is my answer. This book was my earliest absolute favorite. I read this book so many times that the front cover and first 10-15 pages fell off. With my love of reading, I really related to Matilda, although unlike Matilda, my parents fostered my love for books. Also unlike Matilda, my powers of telekineses never fully developed. 

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I'm not sure if there is a single girl in my generation that didn't read Little House on the Prairie, especially if they lived in Kansas. Actually being from Kansas is probably why I think all girls my age have read the books, because it seemed to be a staple for little readers where I grew up. I even dressed up as Laura one year for Halloween. The t.v. show provided my first disappointment with book to screen adaptations.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. This book provided me with my very first book boyfriend in the form of Laurie, whom I believe to this day should have ended up with Jo. Jo also provided me with my inspiration to become a writer (something I still don't feel like I've fully achieved, although this blog would suggest otherwise). I read this book several times, but it managed to retain it's cover. 

A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter. I don't even know what it is about this book that made a big impression on me, but anytime I'm asked about favorite books from childhood, I think of it. I guess the strong female lead (which seems to be a theme in most of my favorite books) probably has a little something to do with that. At the moment I feel like I should re-read the book just to figure out what I liked about it so much. 

Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. This book is a lot like The Little House on the Prairie. It's set in a similar era, but Caddie has far more spunk than I remember the Ingalls girls displaying. I clearly had a fascination with pioneer girls in the midwest. 

Goosebumps by R.L. Stein. No list of favorite childhood books would be complete without Goosebumps! Boys and girls alike love this series of creepy stand alone novels. Even my husband, who doesn't read, gets nostalgic over Goosebumps. I credit R.L. Stein and Goosebumps with my current love for horror novels (they at least got me started down the right path). Some of my favorites include Night of the Living Dummy, Monster Blood, One Day at Horrorland, and The Haunted Mask. 

So now that you've read about some of my favorite books from childhood, why not share about yours? - Katie

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